Who attacked the BJP leader? The villagers had come to the district vice-president for exorcism on snake bite, then it became tu tu me main… took out the knife and…

P Ranjandas, Bijapur. In Bijapur, Chhattisgarh, the police has issued a press note regarding the attack on Kamlesh Mandavi, the district vice-president of the BJP, in which the police have disclosed that there was a dispute with the villagers who had come for snake-bite, after which he was stabbed.

Police said that after a dispute with Vaidya Kamlesh Mandavi, a resident of police station Kutru, he was attacked with a knife and injured by a family member who had come to conduct an exorcism. Kamlesh Mandavi’s right thumb got injured in the attack.

Police said that Kamlesh Mandavi used to do the work of exorcist on snake bites, which accused Deepak Ista had brought to him for the treatment of his nephew at around 09.15 pm today.

The age of the child is about 10 years, who was vomiting. Seeing the child, Kamlesh Mandavi told that the matter is not of snake bite, he is vomiting for some other reason. You guys take him to the hospital for treatment.

Angered by this, Deepak Ista, the child’s uncle, while having an argument with Kamlesh Mandavi, jerked off. He was attacked by taking out the knife kept in his pocket, which was caught by Kamlesh Mandavi while defending.

During this, the thumb of Kamlesh Mandavi’s right hand got hurt. The accused of the incident has been taken into custody by the police station Kutru. The inquiry is on. Advance legal action will be taken by registering the crime separately in the case.

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