Why did PM Modi choose Madhya Pradesh for the program ‘Mera Booth Sabse Saubhag’, know what is the main reason for this?

Sudhir Dandotia, Bhopal. BJP is going to start its big campaign ‘Mera Booth Sabse Shobha’ from Madhya Pradesh for Mission 2023 and 2024. There is a big political reason behind organizing the booth campaign in Bhopal. It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has agreed to select Bhopal for the digital rally to be held simultaneously in 10 lakh booths across the country. PM Modi will address selected 2.5 thousand workers at Motilal Nehru Stadium in Bhopal on 27th June. It will include 5 workers from each Lok Sabha. The BJP organization of Madhya Pradesh has been considered expert in booth management.

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After setting the booth pattern in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, BJP came to power continuously. There are 64,000 booths in the state, in which BJP has appointed booth in-charge to panna pramukh for election management. Screens will be installed at these 64 thousand booths on the day of PM Modi’s address. In these, along with booths, people will also be added to the program at the booth level itself.

Bharatiya Janata Party Madhya Pradesh has expanded its organizational skills through Booth Expansion Campaign Part One and Part Two. In Part One, booth committees were first formed and after that they were digitized. In Part 2, after the formation of Ardh Panna Pramukh and all Panna committees, booth victory resolution campaign was started for this.

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Tridev training classes were organized in every mandal, in which 1078 mandals participated, in which the Booth President, Booth General Secretary and BLA were trained by giving them the status of Tridev. Today every worker from the Panna committee to the state president has been digitized. Today every event and attendance is digitally reported through the organization app. The Mann Ki Baat program organized across the country is pioneered in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which is heard at every booth and recorded digitally.

Why did Modi choose Madhya Pradesh only for the My Booth Strongest programme?

Prime Minister Modi will come to the capital Bhopal on 27 June. Here they will join the Mera Booth Sabse Strongest program. Almost all the preparations for Modi’s visit have been completed. But the biggest question here is that why did PM Modi choose Bhopal for the Mera Booth Sabse Strongest programme? So let’s tell what is the reason behind this. Actually the organization of Madhya Pradesh has become the first choice of PM Modi. Here the work on 98 percent booths has been completed under the leadership of VD Sharma. BJP’s booth campaign program in Bhopal has emerged as the strongest in the country. Madhya Pradesh organization has done maximum work regarding digital booths. This is the reason why PM Modi has chosen Madhya Pradesh for this.

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Situation at BJP booths in Madhya Pradesh

Booth President in Madhya Pradesh is 62,989, Booth General Secretary 64,717, BLA 63,323, Booth Committee Member, 70,4522, Panna Pramukh 1,415,457. Apart from this, Modi’s favorite program Mann Ki Baat is seen in the maximum number of booths in the country in Madhya Pradesh.

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