Wild animal attacked the couple who went to sowing field in MP: fear of leopard, panic among villagers

Renu Agarwal, Dhar. In Sardarpur village Chaubra of Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, wildlife attacked the couple who had gone for sowing on the field, due to which the couple got injured. The villagers who reached the spot took the couple and admitted them to the Community Health Center at Sardarpur. At the same time, the forest department was informed about the attack. According to the villagers, the leopard or some other wild animal had attacked. Here, after the information, the staff of the Forest Department has also become active in the area. Along with this, the villagers have also been advised not to go towards the forest alone.

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In fact, Kunwarsingh’s father Pahar Singh had gone to sow the field with his wife Mantribai and two oxen on Saturday morning in Chaubara village under Tirla Chowki. Shortly before the start of sowing, suddenly a wild animal came from the way of the forest and attacked the woman Mannibai and hit her paw, due to which the woman fell near the oxen. Seeing the attack on his wife, husband Kunwarsingh reached the animal with sticks and stones and tried to drive it away, but it tried to attack Kunwarsingh’s head.

The farmer did not lose courage and while struggling with the animal attacked him strongly. After the sudden development, when the woman called for help, the villagers who were grazing goats nearby came to the spot, but by then the leopard had escaped through the jungle. Sarpanch representative of the village, Bansingh Grewal told that two villagers have been attacked on the farm, the couple is telling that it is a leopard.

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The incident has been reported to the Forest Department. The doctor has given first aid to both the injured. Vikram Ninama, deputy ranger of the Forest Department, told that the team had reached the spot as soon as the information was received. The couple was brought to Sardarpur Hospital for treatment, however which wild animal attacked the couple. There is no clear information about this. The forest department team has become active to catch the wildlife.

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Some time after the attack in Sardarpur area, the villagers have seen the movement of leopard in Dahi area also. On the information of the villagers, the team of the local Forest Department reached the spot and after inspecting the area, saw the footprints of the leopard. It is probably the same leopard which attacked and injured two villagers on the farm. Leopard has been seen on the farm itself in Pithanpur village. Although the leopard has not attacked anyone here. Now after the leopard was seen in two different areas in a single day, there is an atmosphere of panic among the villagers.

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