Will be celebrated from 1 to 13 August

Raipur. Weight festival will be organized to check the nutrition level of children registered in Anganwadi centers of urban and rural areas of Chhattisgarh. Weighing festival will be organized in Anganwadi centers from August 1 to August 13, 2023. In this regard, all the parents have been requested to come to the Anganwadi center and get their children weighed. Detailed guidelines have been issued by the Women and Child Development Department to all district collectors and departmental officers regarding the preparations and action plan for the Vajan festival.

Apart from the children registered in the Anganwadi center, it has also been asked to ensure that the children who come from outside are not deprived of weighing during the festival. Anganwadi centers have been compulsorily kept open till 5 pm on the date of organizing the Vajan festival. In order to improve the level of anemia in adolescent girls, their anemia level will also be assessed during the weighing festival.

In the colonies of municipal corporation and municipal areas, where there may be potential migrant children and on the construction sites where laborers reside along with their families, adequate number of mobile vehicles with staff will be arranged for the weight of the children.

Along with assessing the nutritional level of children below the age of 6 years in Anganwadi centers during the weighing festival, the status of children’s disability will also be ascertained. With this, malnutrition will be identified in specific places and classes and it will be clear in which places and due to which malnutrition is more. Due to which a special plan will be made for them. Informing the parents about the nutrition level of the children, making them aware of malnutrition, appropriate counseling will be given to bring the children out of malnutrition.

The purpose of Vajan festival is to make people aware of malnutrition. During this, cluster-wise weighing festival will be organized in all the development blocks. Under which the weight and height of all children below the age of 06 years coming under each village, Anganwadi area will be measured and their nutritional level (dwarfism and weakness) will be measured. Along with this, on the basis of the received data, a suitable action plan will be prepared at the district level by setting targets to reduce the rate of malnutrition.

From the year 2012 till now, the Vajan festival has been organized a total of 9 times. In the weighing festival, the nutrition level is ascertained through online software by taking the weight of the children on the scheduled date. During this, the correct status of malnutrition is ascertained by identifying underweight children. The investigation of adolescent girls has also been included in this campaign.

For the authenticity of the weight festival, the sample test and survey process of the weight taken by the cooperative voluntary organizations like UNICEF, Care, Worldvision, voluntary organizations, colleges, universities will also be edited. For the smooth and quality implementation of the programme, the officers of the state level and training centers have also been given the responsibility of inspection and supervision.

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