Will you be my girlfriend? Teacher’s LOVE school in school, proposal to make girl students girlfriend, then said- GF means great fighter, staff is covering up teacher’s handiwork

Amit Pandey, Khairagarh. In Chhattisgarh’s Khairagarh district, a case of tarnishing the relationship between a teacher and a student has come to the fore. Now the lessons of LOVE, Ishq and Izhar-e-Mohabbat are being taught in the school. The teacher is possessed by the demon of love. Expressing love to his disciples. Saying that ‘will you become my girlfriend’? He is proposing the girl student to be his girlfriend, when things go wrong, he is clearly telling the girl student the meaning of GF, in which the staff and teacher are saying that GF means great fighter. The staff is covering up the black act of the teacher.

Actually, even after the complaint came to the management, the matter was still kept under wraps. Now engaged in saving the teacher. The teachers have defamed the school, the temple of education. Instead of giving education to children, another lesson is being taught. A similar case has come to the fore in Bhandarpur (Karela) Higher Secondary School of Khairagarh block.

The molestation was reported to the staff

The State Child Protection Commission had received confidential information that obscene acts and molestation are being done by the teacher with the girl students here. When Sangeeta Gajbhiye, a member of the Commission, reached to investigate the matter, the girl students and other children came forward openly. Even in the last academic session, eight months back, the cases of molestation with girl students were also opened, but the extent is that the complaint of molestation that happened earlier was made to the staff, then the responsible people suppressed the matter in the school itself. That’s why the morale of the teacher who did such an act increased.

On Wednesday, the members of the commission kept checking the school from 12 noon to 9 pm. Written statements were taken from all the staff and children. In the statement, two girl students have made serious allegations against the lecturer of the school and in-charge of the National Service Scheme, Rajesh Thakur.

The staff put a curtain on the handiwork

Class X student told in a complaint letter to the member of the commission that teacher Rajesh Thakur called her in private and had a conversation and while proposing said that would you be my GF. I am not even married. After this, the student went to her class without giving any answer. The teacher’s action was informed to the school staff, but the staff covered it by saying that his habit was like this. When the teacher came to know that he had complained to the staff, after which he met the student and said that I told you to become a GF and not a girlfriend, but to become a great fighter.

Gave lift and said this to the student

A girl student has alleged that one day she came to school without a cycle. While returning home in the evening, Rajesh Thakur gave lift in his bike. Said on the way will you be friends with me. When I said that I did not understand anything, he said, will you talk to me in the call? Even after this thing came to the school staff, the responsible people kept the veil under wraps. Did not learn to talk outside school. In this way, kept giving more protection to the guilty.

When the commission’s team reached, the bundle of complaints opened

The written complaint of the girl students had not reached the Child Protection Commission, but confidential information had been received that obscene acts were happening with the girl students in the school. Apart from the complaints of obscene acts, the students also told that the sweepers and peons of the school do not do their work themselves. Apart from cleanliness, students are asked to collect water. Teachers use abusive words on complaining. That’s why they become silent.

When the commission reached, the school staff engaged in saving the culprit

When complaints piled up in front of commission member Sangeeta Gajbhiye, the teachers also started defending. At first, when the students talked to them, they hushed up the matter in the school itself. Now, on the serious allegation against teacher Rajesh Thakur, when the member asked the teachers to answer in writing, then to save them, they are telling the allegations of the girl students as baseless.

In-charge Principal Agnu Das Baghel has said in his written statement that he is not aware of the Paxo Act. The girl students gave their information in writing on July 19, whereas in the past, the girl students made oral complaints, but their words were ignored by taking them lightly.

There were complaints like this

In Bhandarpur school, the girl students told in their written complaint that there is no facility of sanitary pad here. After having sports material is not given to the students. There is a shortage of subject teachers. With the students, the teachers comment on the colors and forms. Many students are included in NSS even after not having any interest in it. Many such complaints were made by the students in writing before the commission.

BEO bid – there will be an FIR

Khairagarh BEO Neelam Rajput told that we have asked the in-charge principal to get an FIR lodged in the police station. After the case is registered, the related report will be sent to DPI. Further departmental action will be taken from the higher office.

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