Wimbledon Trophy History Winning Price Prize And Interesting Facts Here Know In Details

Wimbledon History & Winning Prize: Wimbledon is starting from Monday at the All England Club in London. It is the oldest tournament in tennis history. This tournament started 146 years ago. This year the 136th edition of Wimbledon will be played. Actually, due to 2 World War and Kovid-19 in the year 2020, the tournament could not be organized. Nonetheless, Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious of the 4 Grand Slams of tennis. But do you know the prize money of this tournament? Today we will tell you the prize money of Wimbledon and interesting facts related to it.

How much do players get paid at Wimbledon?

As compared to last year, this year will get about 11 percent more prize money. Both the singles champions will get prize money of around Rs 24.49 crore. Apart from this, the runner up will get prize money of Rs 12.25 crore. About 465 crore rupees will be distributed in the tournament this year. On the other hand, talking about last year, the men’s and women’s champion got prize money of about Rs 20.85 crore. However, you will be surprised to know that before the year 1968, prize money was not given in Wimbledon.

The trophy has not changed since 146 years.

Tennis professional game was formed in the year 1968. That year the men’s champion got £2000 and the women’s champion got £750. Apart from this, till the year 2007, men’s and women’s category used to get different prize money, but in the year 2008, changes were made. After this, the players of both the categories started getting equal prize money in Grand Slam. Also, since 1887 in Wimbledon, the trophy is being given to the winner of Men’s Singles. The winner of the men’s singles gets a cup 18.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide. However, the winner gets a copy of the trophy. The name of the previous champion players is on this trophy, while the real trophy is kept in the museum of the All England Club.

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