Women doctors honored in Raipur on Doctors Day

Satyapal Rajput, Raipur. On the occasion of Doctor’s Day, women doctors were honored by organizing a state-level felicitation ceremony. Dr. Rashmi Dubey, director of Vishnupriya Hair and Skin Clinic, thanked the organizers for being honored in the program organized by Vaidehi Aparajita Samiti. He said, considering our work and social responsibility, the award was given.

The organizer of the ceremony, Payal Nagrani said, doctors who work in the public interest and in the interest of the society have been honoured. Always remember the doctor in your pain. In any situation, doctors save our lives. On the basis of his works, today he has been honored with an award.

The doctors shared their experience by coming on the stage in the programme. On the other hand, the organizers explained why only the female doctor was honoured, saying that women also live in the front of the house. She also looks after the hospital, it is a big challenge for her. Sometimes it happens that even in a family function the patient is not allowed to leave. There is a son’s birthday in the house and there is a patient on the other side, so priority is given to the patient first.

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