World Cup 2023 Fans Booking Hospital Beds In Ahmedabad Hotels Not Available India Vs Pakistan

India vs Pakistan Ahmedabad World Cup 2023: World Cup 2023 is to be held in India this time. The match will be played between Team India and Pakistan on 15 October. This match will be held in Ahmedabad. The fans are very excited about this. Because of this match there is no space left in the hotels of Ahmedabad. An interesting news has come out regarding this. According to media reports, due to the India-Pakistan match, fans are booking beds in the hospital due to lack of space in the hotel.

There is a news about this on Moneycontrol. According to the news, a doctor working in a hospital in Ahmedabad has told that people are booking beds to stay for one night along with full body checkup. The doctor says that people are ready to book any kind of hospital room or bed. They say that we have limited space. Because of this, keeping in mind the patients, they are thinking about booking.

According to the news, the doctor said, “I had a friend from USA inquired about staying in the hospital. He wants to see the match between India and Pakistan. He also wants to take medical facility in the hospital.

Significantly, many types of news had come to the fore in the past. According to media reports, more than 10 times the rent is being charged for one night stay in hotels. For one night’s stay in a hotel, up to one lakh rupees are being taken. The first match of the World Cup 2023 will be played in Ahmedabad. A total of five matches are to be played here. Along with the match between India and Pakistan, the final will also be played. This time the final match of the World Cup will be played on 19 November.

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