Worrying about the name of the school more than the future of the children: the principal fired the children when the number was low, told the parents- ‘I will not take your children back, do whatever you want to complain about’

Ravi Goyal, Sakti. The case of arbitrariness of the principal has come to the fore in Swami Atmanand School. The principal arbitrarily expelled about 12 children who were weak in studies by deleting their names from the school. Most of the children dropped out of school are from poor families. Whose parents are teaching their children by doing daily wages. In such a situation, a big problem has arisen for the parents of those children that what will happen to their child’s future?

The family members of the child also reached the school to meet the principal of the school, P. Gabel. But the principal shouted to everyone and showed them the way out of the school. The principal shouted to the parents of the children that they will not take your children back to the school. Do whatever you want to complain about. After this attitude of the principal, the families of the children returned home from the school. Now they do not understand what will happen to the future of their children.

Worrying about the name of the school more than the future of the children

The principal says that the result of Swami Atmanand School is getting bad because of the children who are weak in studies. The name of the school is getting spoiled. Because of which we have to hear a lot from our higher officials. This is the reason why weak children are being expelled from the school. But the principal forgot that if the children are weak in studies, then somewhere the school teachers are also responsible for it. In such a situation, instead of improving the education of children, it is beyond understanding to make them drop out of school.

Following the instructions of higher officials- Principal

Regarding the matter, the principal says that the children who were weak in studies and did not come to regular school, their names have been struck off. For this instructions have been received from the higher authorities.

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