Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler 23 July 2023 Akshara Son Abhir Missing Manjiri Regret Bigg Twist Coming Up

Akshara Son Abhir Missing: Akshara’s son has gone missing in the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. The Birla family who forcibly took Abir to their home could not take care of a small child? Now this big allegation has been leveled against the Birla family.

Manjari showered on Akshara

It was shown in the show that Akshara reaches the Birla family, she comes to meet Abir, then Manjari starts telling her lies that ‘she repeatedly comes to meet Abir, how will she like her new home. His mind will run towards his mother only, he will get used to Akshara only. He is in his father’s house and nowhere else’. When Akshara retorts to Manjari, Manjari threatens Akshara that she will make her stop meeting Abir even on weekends. When this thing comes to the ears of Abir, then this thing has a deep impact on Abir, the result of which is that Abir escapes from Birla House.

Akshara got notice

Akshara gets the notice the very next day after which she goes into shock. Now Akshara’s husband Abhinav and elder father try to handle her. Here Akshara’s son has disappeared from the Birla family. When the children are playing, all the children are called together to a place where Abir does not reach. Now Abir is scrutinized in the whole house. But there is no clue about Abir, where did Abir go?

Abhimanyu will look for Abir everywhere but his address will not be found anywhere. Manjari’s heart will also sit there. Manjari will be seen crying. When Akshara comes to know about this, she too will create ruckus by coming to Birla house. In such a situation, Manjari will be seen pleading in front of Akshara. Where is Abir? Did Abir run away from home because of the conflict in the Birla family or is there some other reason behind it? This will be known later in the show.

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