Yoga Day boom in MP: Yoga done under water, Vande Bharat train and also on cruise, watch video

Bhopal. Today the 9th International Yoga Day is being celebrated all over the world. At the same time, Yoga Day was also organized in Madhya Pradesh. On the occasion of Yoga Day, mass yoga exercises were done at various places in the state. People were seen enthusiastically doing yoga on the occasion of Yoga Day. In the capital Bhopal, Vande Bharat Train and Bada Talab were seen doing Yoga on Cruise. At the same time, Yoga on Water was also seen in Khandwa district.

Yoga on Water in Khandwa

Imran Khan, Khandwa. The countrymen may have started doing yoga on the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but we take you to a city where yoga is not done on land but on water. Meet these water heroes of Khandwa who do different types of water yoga on water.

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After the year 2014, yoga revolution has been seen not only in the whole country but in the whole world. Yoga gurus who teach different types of yoga also came in the market and these yoga gurus also got a good platform. Due to this yoga, people defeated diseases like corona by the power of their will. But apart from all these yogas, we take you to Khandwa. Where yoga is not done on land but on water. People keep themselves fit by doing different types of Pranayama on the water surfaces and doing water yoga every morning by Khandwa’s Waves Ke Raja group. There is neither any age limit nor any religion in this. People of every age, every class, every religion have come here and made themselves a different identity by doing water yoga and keeping themselves fit.

This mode of water yoga in Khandwa is unique in itself. Every morning hundreds of people are keeping themselves fit with this kind of water yoga at Gangaur Ghat in the district. Vrikshasana, Tad Asana, Padmasana, Shavasana, etc. are practiced everyday in the middle of the water stream, performing water yoga jointly by both men and women. Due to which people have made themselves healthy from many types of diseases. The King of Waves Group has raised many armies on the basis of this unique yoga on water in the last several years. The one who gave the mantra of Health is Wealth to the people.

Yoga in Vande Bharat train in Rajdhani

Shabbir Ahmed, Bhopal. Passengers perform yoga in Vande Bharat train on International Yoga Day. Yoga guru Krishna Kant Mishra performed yoga with the passengers. During this the importance of yoga was explained to the passengers.

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Yoga on a cruise in Bada Talab

Yoga was also done on the cruise of Bada Talab in Bhopal. MPT officials along with the residents participated in the yoga session.

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