Yoga Day Special: 30,000 followers of Alekh Mahima Panth do Surya Namaskar two times regularly, regular yoga in saffron clothes, balanced diet is their worship…

Purushottam character, Gariaband. In this area, 30 thousand people who believe in Alekh Mahima cult, regularly kill Mudiya daily before sunrise and sunset. Mudiya, Surya Namaskar is a yoga process, which has to be done 7 times i.e. half an hour regularly in the morning and evening. Women members are also included in the followers of the cult.

Baba Uday Nath, the head of the cult, says that it started in 1998 with 20 to 30 people. This cult, which worships formless zero, focuses on yoga practice and balanced diet. One who joins the cult has to give up intoxication and adulterated food. One has to wake up before sunrise and eat before sunset. Mudiya is killed in both fiddles.

disease free people

Baba Uday Nath says that after 2004, mostly only those people who had physical problems joined Alekh Mahima. After joining, the rules have to be followed strictly. Due to this there was a change in the routine, people became healthier and healthier. Out of 30 thousand members, there are 8 thousand women and 4 thousand children. All are mentioned in the register. In view of the popularity, apart from Kadsar, Alekh Gadi has also been made in Kadlimuda and Mokhaguda. On every Hindu festival, big events related to cow and environment are organized 6 times a year. Even on Yoga Day, followers gather in the ashram.

History of Yoga Equivalent Mudiya more than 100 years old

Even though the government campaign to take Yoga to every village was started a few years back, but the followers of Alekh Mahima Panth had started it more than 100 years ago. It was started by a Mahatma named Bhim Bhoi from a place called Jurunga Gadi in Odisha. His disciple Baba Uday Nath expanded this cult in Chhattisgarh by building a cottage in the forest of Kadsar. Today Baba Uday Nath is famous as a cow servant. His ashram has developed into Alekh Mahima Gaushala, Sanatanis keep coming and going to this ashram.

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