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Yogendra Tiku Unknown Facts: Just like the city of Sangam i.e. Prayagraj (earlier Allahabad) is not dependent on any identity, similarly Yogendra Tiku, who belongs there, has also shown his performance from the small screen to the big screen. Along with this, good names have also worked. Yogendra Tiku, born on July 25, 1953, stepped on the stage, let’s know in the birthday special…

Was fond of acting since childhood

Growing up in the streets of Allahabad, Yogendra Tiku was passionate about acting since childhood. This was the reason that he had joined a theater named Prayagraj Theater at a very young age. At that time he was doing schooling. Even when he reached college, his love for acting did not diminish. He continued to do theater and also passed the audition of All India Radio. After this he became A grade drama voice for All India Radio. However, due to this passion, there was no effect on Yogendra’s studies.

Acting continued even during government job

After completing his studies, Yogendra Tiku joined the government job. While working in the Ministry of Home Affairs, he learned Gujarati and also joined Gujarati theatre. Let us tell you that Yogendra was also interested in music, due to which he learned the nuances of Indian classical music from singer Saroj Gundani and also did many stage shows in Gujarat.

Showed its charm in foreign countries too

You would be surprised to know that Yogendra showed the magic of his powerful performance in other countries as well. Actually, Yogendra worked in Nairobi, South Africa for about eight years. He joined the African Acting Group there and did many stage shows. Even after returning to India, Yogendra continued to follow his passion with a government job.

The father of ‘Neerja’ made headlines

Please tell that Yogendra Tiku has also appeared in the Bollywood film Neerja. Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi played important roles with him in this. Please tell that Yogendra Tiku is a big fan of Shabana Azmi even in real life. When he was young, he also took Shabana Azmi’s autograph. Apart from Neerja, Yogendra has shown his performance in many films including No One Killed Jessica, Dabangg 2, Bajate Raho, Queen, Fan, Zoya Factor, Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran.

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