Youth rejected BJP’s performance, no one is complaining, BJP is making false allegations on PSC to bake its political bread – Sushil Anand

Raipur. Alleging irregularities in CGPSC, BJP workers demonstrated today. Addressing a press conference on this, State Congress Communications Department President Sushil Anand Shukla said that today the Bharatiya Janata Party made an unsuccessful attempt to gherao the Chief Minister’s residence by accusing the State Public Service Commission of alleged irregularities. The youth of the state rejected the BJP’s performance. The youth remained absent from the BJYM’s performance. BJP leaders who became unemployed after being rejected by the public were seen sitting on the dais.

Sushil Anand said, barely a few hundred youths reached the BJYM’s demonstration. Barely 4-5 hundred people participated in the demonstration led by the national president of the youth wing of the country’s ruling party. He said, BJP does not have any issue against the government, then the Bharatiya Janata Party is conspiring to make the credibility of such institutions suspicious, on which the youth of the state have faith.

He said, the State Public Service Commission is such an institution, which makes the dreams of educated youth come true. Raising questions on institutions like PSC on the basis of your tainted imagination without any concrete basis is not only condemnable but also objectionable. This is such a case, in which there is no complainant, only the political party is baking its political bread and demanding a CBI inquiry.

Sushil Anand said, making fabricated allegations of irregularities is a low-level gimmick of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The answer sheet of the successful candidates of PSC, their mark sheet is public on the website of PSC. Candidate can see the same. No candidate has alleged any malpractice. If there are surprising or suspicious marks in the personality test than the written examination of the selected candidates in a merit, even then questioning the selection list on the basis of that seems logical, but without any basis, the State Public Service Commission’s examination Raising questions on the results shows the mental and political bankruptcy of the BJP. The youth of the state will never tolerate this.

He said, what is the basis of BJP’s allegation of irregularities in the selection list of PSC? Only that some names of children of leaders, officers, businessmen have been selected in PSC. The BJP has an objection that how did real brothers and sisters, husband and wife get selected in the PSC? While the selection of relatives of an officer or the selection of relatives of a business leader has not happened for the first time, neither this crime nor being a relative of someone becomes a disqualification criterion. Even during the time of BJP, from 2004 to 2021, mutual relations have been selected. We have made its list public.

Sushil Anand said, BJP leaders also alleged that the PSC has invited tenders to destroy the answer sheets to remove evidence, while the State Public Service Commission preserves the answer sheets for two years after the examination result. At present also the tender which has been invited is till 2020. This is a normal process. BJP leaders are spreading confusion by making allegations without facts. For 15 years of BJP rule in this state, the State Public Service Commission had become a slave of the then Chief Minister’s residence. Only 9 examinations were conducted in 15 years. There were proven allegations of irregularities in the PSC in Raman Raj. The then PSC chairman Ashok Darbari was suspended by the Governor.

Sushil Anand further said, the daughter of the then acting chairman of the PSC, Khelansai Jangde, was selected as the deputy collector. We did not raise any question on that, because being a relative cannot be considered as a ground for wrongdoing. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has clearly said that if there is any solid evidence of irregularities in the selection list of PSC, then bring it to the fore, strict action will be taken after investigation. It is completely unacceptable to question the State Public Service Commission to fulfill its political objectives.

File a case if there is any fact: RP Singh

State Congress spokesperson RP Singh said that the BJP has no facts about the alleged PSC scam. We challenge that if they have any facts then go to the court and file a case, but their allegations are false and tarnish the image of PSC. State Congress General Secretary Chandrashekhar Shukla, State Congress Spokesperson RP Singh, Dhananjay Singh Thakur, Sarendra Verma, State Congress Secretary Ajay Sahu Nitin Bhansali, Vandana Rajput, Ajay Gangwani, Rishabh Chandrakar, Satyaprakash Singh were present in the press conference.

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