Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 24 July 2023 Anuj Betrayal With Anupamaa Malti Devi Brahamastra Ready For War

Malti Devi Brahmastra Towards Anupamaa: In the Anupama show, Malti Devi has created such a game that Anu keeps getting trapped in it. What did Anupama come out of Guru Maa’s trap, Malti Devi has vowed to destroy her, while Nakul also tried to make Guru Maa realize that she is getting personal now, and is not following the right path. In such a situation, Nakul has also left Guru Maa’s ashram.

Will Samar cheat on Anupama?
Now it will be shown in the show that Guru Maa will take help of Samar to trap Anupama. To implicate Anupama in the Shah family, Dimpy is the only weak link who can easily fall in the trap of the opposite party. In such a situation, Malti Devi has taken advantage of this and has made arrangements to call Samar and Dimpy to her.

It will now be shown in the show that Guru Maa Samar will make such an offer to Dimpy that Samar will not be able to refuse even if he wants to. While Dimpy will agree to sign Guru Maa’s contract without any hesitation, it will be in Guru Maa’s contract that she will give her whole life to Guru Maa and her ashram. When Anupama will ask Samar what happened? On this, Dimpy will tell everyone about this contract, while Anupama will be in shock.

Anupama will get a big shock in the show

Let me tell you, earlier Anupama had got an alert about Samar. It was shown in the show that Anupama has a nightmare in which she hears the news of her son’s death. In such a situation, she shouts to Baa and Vanraj and asks where is Samar, where is my son? Anupama who cannot see her child in pain, the same son stabs his mother on the back, what will be the outcome now? It will be very interesting to see this in the show.

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